srijeda, 4. siječnja 2012.

ShareCash & FileIce downloader

This is ShareCash & FileIce downloader!

This downloader working with generating premium FiceIce or ShareCash account.

How this program work?
Program work with premium accounts on FileIce and Sharecash.
When you press "Download" button then program connect to database on Internet and use one premium account.

How much premium accounts are in database?
ShareCash premium accounts: 491 (ALL WORKING)
FileIce premium accounts: 338 (ALL WORKING)

Pictures and instructions:
1. Choose between ShareCash and FileIce.
2. Put your link in field "Link" and press "Download"

3. Wait when is file Downloaded.

4. Download is complete and after that will you see this:

5. Downloaded file will be opened in default browser in "Download tab".
6. If you want to download next file press "Download new file"

File name:  ShareCash and FileIce downloader.exe
Submission date:  2012-01-04 15:24:55 (UTC)
Current status:  finished
Result:  0/ 43 (0.0%)